Palm Fibre Mat

Palm Fibre Mat is a 100% organic fibre from a renewable source - Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB). Hard and strong, it can be spun and woven into matting. It also has the right strength and durability to protect the slopes from erosion while allowing vegetation to flourish. It can dissipate the energy of flowing water and absorb the excess solar radiation.

Palm Fibre Mat offer:
• 100 % natural fibre, extracted from Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB)
• Adds organic material to soil
• Promotes vegetative growth
• 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendly
• Tough, durable, versatile and resilient
• High tear-strength resistance
• Easy to install / maintain / patch-up
• Follows the contour of the soil surface
• Hygroscopic properties (absorbing or attracting moisture from the air)
• High tensile strength
• Can absorb water, allowing re-vegetation in low rain areas
• Can dissipate the energy of following water and absorb the excess solar radiation
• Can be successfully utilised in controlling even the steepest of slopes from erosion



Erosion Control


Mulching is a method for soil conditioning. It helps with moisture retention in the soil, thereby enhancing its quality for healthier plant growth particularly in hot countries with long periods of dry weather. In addition, it retards growth of undesirable weeds, detrimental to plants. Traditionally, various materials have been utilised for mulching. These include empty fruit bunches (EFB) from oil palm, wood chippings, plastic mats etc. Palm Fibre Mat is made from oil palm fibres. The nature of it allows for free flow of water through to the ground whilst also acting as a protective layer.

Palm Fibre Mat is suitable for various plants including oil palm, rubber, durian and other fruit trees
• Reduce labour cost, i.e. weeding and up keeping of plants; handling of EFB.
 • Reduction on fertilisers, i.e. more efficient utilisation of fertilisers.. Fertiliser concentration on mats and gradual release into soil improve optimal absorption for plants. Losses of fertiliser in the surrounding areas away from plants are minimised.
• Reduction of transportation effort and cost as the mats are easy to handle, i.e. compact and lighter.
• Reduction in chemical usage, e.g. weed – killers and insecticides for beetles, etc.
• Health and safety of staff are not unnecessarily compromised as there is less need to handle weed – killers that can endanger their health and wellbeing.
• Easier recovery of loose fruits on the mats.
• Size (Width x Length): 1m X 1m (with or without hole)
• Thickness: Approx. 8mm-12mm

Erosion Control

Palm Fibre Mat is best for soil erosion control and conditioning soil. Made from palm fibre, it is naturally resistant to fungal and bacterial decomposition and is cheaper and e nvironmentally friendly than the usual synthetic geotextiles. They hold soil in place and prevent erosion, dissipating the force of heavy rain. It provides good soil support for years, allowing natural vegetation to become established. Palm Fibre Mat promotes the growth of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing the topsoil from drying out. As it has strength and durability, it protects slopes and help natural vegetation to take root. Over a period of time the eco-friendly and biodegradable coir disintegrates completely, leaving only humus.

• Roadway, highway, pathway and railway embankments
• Lake ,pond, river, irrigation and drainage channel banks
• Exposed or newly developed slopes with risk of erosion
• Desert area (reduce floating sand and dust)
• Residential area (beautification and landscaping)
• Faster binding of soil
• Excellent air and water permeability
• Enough sunlight passes through
• Holds the seeds and saplings in place
• High water retaining capacity
• Excellent medium for quick vegetation
• Degrades over the years
• Allows for deep rooting of plants and provides nutrients
• Easy to install and follows the contour of the soil surface
• Eco-friendly and nonpolluting
• Size (Width x Length): 1m X 10m, 1m X 20m
• Thickness: Approx. 8mm-12mm

Application Technique for Palm Fibre Mat

Site Assessment

The first step in the application of Palm Fibre Mat is to make a detailed study of the sites; Slope assessment, nature and consistency of the soil cover, the extent of damage, rainfall patterns etc. to make the right and relevant choice of Palm Fibre Mat for the site, as well as the seeds or saplings.

Site Preparation and Laying Procedure

The ground has to be prepared by removing protruding stones, earth masses etc. The surface must be made relatively free of weeds, stones, roots, sticks, rivulets, gullies, crusting and caking. After preparing the soil surface, the seeds have to be applied on the surface by hand broadcasting or by hydraulic means and the blanket/mat must be laid over the seeds almost immediately. The seeds/plants have to be obtained depending on the climate, preferably the local species as per client’s instructions. The seeds after germination should take up deep rooting system. The seeds should match the soil conditions to get optimum germination, root development, vegetation density and longevity.

The erosion control blankets are to be laid in the direction of the water flow starting from the top to the bottom. The top portion has to be anchored in a cut trench and stapled or spiked to fix properly. Similar procedure has to be followed at the bottom of the slope also for best results. The blankets may be anchored with 11 gauge wire staples, of size 8” x 2” x 8” (U shaped) One or two doses of sprinkling is recommended if the weather is hot and dry. For the first few days, the moisture levels must be properly monitored to facilitate easy germination of the seeds. The blanket will protect the slopes against rain water. The vegetation will get established to protect the slopes permanently and achieve green effect on the surface.

Seeding/Planting Methods

Quick germination, sod forming, and grass species must be used whenever possible. While seeding/planting always match the seed/sapling , they can be used with the local soil conditions for optimum results. Standard seed broadcast methods are acceptable prior to erosion control blanket installation.

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