Coconut Fibre Sheet

Coconut Fibre ‚Äď Raw Material For Mattress and Cushion Sheet

Coconut fibre is durable, non-toxic, harmless and is natural green product which is  suitable as raw  material for  mattress and cushion sheet. We are pioneer   in   manufacturing   difference   kinds   of   coconut   fibre   sheet according to customer’s requirement. We take  care about the  qualities of our raw materials from the beginning of coconut husk’s collection until the mattress product.

Natural Coconut Fibre and Latex

 HK fibre sheet is made purely from natural fibres and latex. Nature constantly replenishes  these materials,  which have  unsurpassed resilience,  durability and  ventilation  properties. Unlike petroleum-based products, the  raw materials  has no limit in supply; they are constantly  being   replenished  by  nature  and  so  the  ecological balance  is  maintained.  In  addition,  products   made  of   natural coconut  fibre  have  a  life   span   between  20   to  25  years.   The mattress can be recycled and all the materials are degradable, in line with the concept of environment protection.

Good Air And Water Permeability

The human skin  is  a breathing layer o f our  body. The porous  feature of coconut fibre sheet allows good air and water permeability. So, our body heat, moisture in the  ambiance  and cool  in the winter will  not be easily affected  when  sleeping on  coconut fibre mattress. On the  other hands, uncomfortable   sleeping   situation   will  occur   if   the   air   and   water permeability is blocked (by wearing synthetic materials).

Natural Growth Requirement of Human Spinal

The mattress  made  of natural  coconut  fibre  sheet has  characteristic of moderate  hardness  (Up 30kg/M3 density)  and  elastic  medium, which is the best choice of mattress for a good night’s sleep as it complies with the natural growth requirement ofour spinal  cord  and  proves to  be the  best way to prevent spinal illnesses, reduce  fatigue  and restores  a healthy life especially for middle age and elderly people. It is scientifically proven that a person’s spine must  constantly settle in  a straight  position whether the person  is   sleeping,  sitting   or  standing  to  prevent  stagnation  of  spine growth  and to  minimise  the risk of  spinal diseases.  Therefore  a  healthy sleeping  base  is essential  and  must not  be taken lightly / overlooked by people of any group be it children, youth or elderly.

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