HHRG Berhad

(Formerly known as Heng Huat Resources Group Berhad) (“HHRG” or the “Company”) was incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act, 1965 on 25 November 2011 as a private limited company under the name of Heng Huat Resources Group Sdn Bhd. We were subsequently converted into a public limited company and assumed our present name on 18 June 2012. We were listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 25 July 2014.


HHRG and its subsidiaries (“the Group”) are principally involved in the manufacturing and trading of biomass material and value-added products, focusing on oil palm empty fruit bunch (“EFB”) fibre, coconut fibre and value-added products. We are also a manufacturer and distributor of our own brands of bedroom furniture likes mattresses and bedding set.


Additionally, HHRG has embarked on diversifying its business into the field of property development and management. This strategic move allows us to expand our portfolio and leverage our expertise in the real estate sector. We are committed to delivering high-quality properties and providing exceptional management services to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Biomass Materials Manufacturing

Our Group’s biomass materials manufacturing operations are conducted by our subsidiaries located at East Coast Economic Region (“ECER”) and Northern Region. These locations have been strategically chosen due to their proximity to the material supply sources.


We utilize our proprietary production process to treat and process coconut fibre, coco husks, oil palm EFB fibre, bio-compost. This enables us to produce significant quantities of high-quality fibers at a competitive price. Our production processes adhere to rigorous quality controls, resulting in long, clean, and fine coconut fibre and oil palm EFB fibre with excellent uniformity and low oil content. Moreover, we manufacture bio-compost through a biological process without the use of chemical additives, making it suitable for plantations at all levels.


We have prioritized various initiatives aimed at innovating new manufacturing and processing technologies. These initiatives are geared towards the production of diverse, green, and environmentally-friendly products. By adopting cutting-edge technologies, we strive to enhance sustainability and contribute to a greener future within the biomass industry.

Fully-Integrated Fibre Mattress and Other Bedding Accessories

Our Group is one of the few mattress manufacturers who has successfully moved upstream into the manufacturing of our own mattress fibre sheets which are made from coconut fibres. We are a fully integrated fibre mattress, divan and headboard manufacturer. We design, market, produce and distribute our own fibre mattresses under the brand of “Fibre Star”, which is made from our internally-produced mattress fibre sheets, whilst our other bedding accessories such as cushions, pillows and bolsters are marketed under the brand of “Xiong Mao”.

Currently, all our fibre and other mattresses and bedding accessories are distributed to furniture retailers in Malaysia. By manufacturing our own mattress fibre sheets, we are able to effectively control the availability of materials. This allows us the flexibility of scaling up production with greater predictability while giving us better control over production costs through the reduction of production time and material costs. In addition, we play an important role as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of fibre mattresses for reputable brands in the local market.

Specialist in Manufacturing in Children's bedroom set

MG Furniture Sdn Bhd was established in 2009 and specialised in the manufacturing of kids’ bed with the combination of metal and particle board. All of our products are fully knock-down and ready-to-assemble furniture with 100% export market only.


Our designers with more than 12 years of experience on designing beds with a dedicated Research and Development team to develop our bedding line and our designs are also fulfil the Bunk Safety Regulation for each of the country all over the world. Besides, we are FSC certify (ESTS-COC-200336) company.


MG Furniture adheres strongly to its brand identity by producing easy-to-assemble mechanism and stackable furniture pieces. Both that made it packed with style, uniqueness and creativity.

Company Milestone

Our key achievements and milestones since inception are as follows:

• Heng Huat’s Executive Director, Ng Chin Nam, emerged as a substantial shareholder

April: Disposal of land together with a building for a cash disposal of RM10.5 million

Leadership transformation: CEO with strong corporate track record

Strengthen compliance and regulatory framework: Segregation of duty between Chairman and CEO

• Appointment of Fong Chee Khuen, as the Group’s new CEO

• Expansion through the acquisition of MG Furniture and diversification into the property investment division

Acquire a 51% stake in MG Furniture, a specialist in manufacturing of children’s bedroom set

•Diversify into the property development business

• Listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia

• Heng Huat Resources was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1965.